Review List

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Bill Subject Committee Status Action Score
HB1637 Authorizing a school district which uses official ballot voting to conduct a special meeting necessitated by changes in adequate education funding. House - Education HOUSE: INTERIM STUDY
HB1597 Relative to taking by eminent domain for certain purposes. Senate - Judiciary SENATE: INEXPEDIENT TO LEGISLATE
HB1259 Relative to payment of medical expenses for individuals who surrender themselves to law enforcement or corrections officials. Senate - Judiciary SENATE: INTERIM STUDY
HB486 Relative to penalties for alcohol ignition interlock circumvention. No/Unknown Committee Assignment SIGNED BY GOVERNOR
HB1591 Relative to the homestead exemption amount. House - Municipal & County Government HOUSE: INEXPEDIENT TO LEGISLATE
HB1593 Relative to the department of information technology. No/Unknown Committee Assignment SIGNED BY GOVERNOR
HCO1 Relative to implementing an election pursuant to representative districts established in the order. No/Unknown Committee Assignment HOUSE: DIED ON THE TABLE
HB96 Relative to issuance of individual health insurance policies by health carriers. House - Commerce HOUSE: INEXPEDIENT TO LEGISLATE
HB72 Establishing a state aeronautical fund. Senate - Finance SENATE: INTERIM STUDY
PET9 Grievance of Frank M. Handibode. House - Redress of Grievances HOUSE: REPORT FILED
HR29 Urging the United States Department of Health and Human Services to rescind its rule requiring health plans to provide sterilizations and contraceptives. House - State-Federal Relations HOUSE: PASSED/ADOPTED
HCR26 Declaring that the Claremont case's mandates that the legislative and executive branches define an adequate education, determine its cost, fund its entire cost with state taxes, and ensure its delivery through accountability, are not binding on the legislative and executive branches. No/Unknown Committee Assignment HOUSE: INTERIM STUDY
HCR35 (New Title) designating Miss New Hampshire, of the Miss America Scholarship Program, an official ambassador of the state of New Hampshire during her term as Miss New Hampshire. No/Unknown Committee Assignment PASSED
PET7 Grievance of Denise-Marie McIntosh. House - Redress of Grievances HOUSE: NO ACTION
PET5 Grievance of David Johnson. House - Redress of Grievances HOUSE: REPORT FILED
HCR33 Honoring Charlie St. Clair for his contributions to the tourism industry in New Hampshire. House - Executive Departments & Administration HOUSE: INEXPEDIENT TO LEGISLATE