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Establishing a statutory joint committee to review and propose changes to state unclassified officers' salaries.






AN ACT establishing a statutory joint committee to review and propose changes to state unclassified officers’ salaries.

SPONSORS: Rep. Dodge, Rock 9; Rep. Weyler, Rock 8; Rep. Rogers Johnson, Rock 13; Sen. Green, Dist 6

COMMITTEE: Executive Departments and Administration


This bills establishes a joint legislative committee to review and propose changes to statutory provisions governing the salaries of the state’s unclassified officers.

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In the Year of Our Lord Two Thousand Five

AN ACT establishing a statutory joint committee to review and propose changes to state unclassified officers’ salaries.

Be it Enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Court convened:

1 New Section; Joint Committee on Compensation of State Officers. Amend RSA 94 by inserting after section 9 the following new section:

94:10 Joint Committee on Compensation of State Officers Established.

I. There is hereby established a joint committee on compensation of state officers.

II. The committee shall consist of 10 members, 5 of whom shall be members of the house of representatives, 3 appointed by the speaker of the house and 2 appointed by the house minority leader, and 5 of whom shall be senators, 3 appointed by the president of the senate, and 2 appointed by the senate minority leader. Members shall be appointed for their term of office. All members shall be eligible for reappointment so long as they are qualified under this section. Members shall be appointed no later than December 30 of the year of their election to the general court, except that vacancies shall be filled for an unexpired term within 30 days of the creation of such vacancy. The members shall choose from their number a chairperson; provided, that the chair shall rotate biennially between the house and senate members.

III. The committee shall, while the general court is in session and during the interim, review the provisions of RSA 94, including the salaries listed in RSA 94:1-a, I and shall recommend changes to salaries, position titles, or other matters related to the compensation of state officers.

IV. The committee shall establish procedures to review the allocation decisions submitted to it by the acting directors or administrative heads of state agencies or departments under RSA 94:1-d and shall set a temporary letter grade allocation for each position referred. The committee shall propose legislation recommending permanent salary levels for each position for introduction in the next regular session of the general court.

2 Compensation of State Officers; Allocation Decisions. Amend RSA 94:1-d to read as follows:

94:1-d Allocation Decisions. Each acting director or administrative head of any state agency or department shall submit his [decision] or her recommendation relative to appropriate letter grades for any new position, vacancy, upgrade or downgrade occurring in [his] the agency or department to the [fiscal] commissioner of administrative services. The commissioner shall submit the recommendation to an outside consultant retained for the purpose of assessing the appropriate letter grade of unclassified state officers. The consultant shall assess the recommended allocation, recommend an alternate allocation, if necessary, and include the reasoning for such allocation in its report. The commissioner shall submit the consultant’s report to the joint committee[,] established in RSA [14:30-a] 94:10, for its review and temporary letter grade allocation.

3 Salary Adjustment; Joint Committee on Compensation. Amend RSA 94:3-b to read as follows:

94:3-b Salary Adjustment for Recruitment or Retention. Notwithstanding any other provisions of law to the contrary, upon the request of an appointing authority submitted to the commissioner of administrative services for review and evaluation and upon approval by the [fiscal committee of the general court] joint committee on compensation of state officers, the governor and council is hereby authorized and empowered upon a finding by them that it is in the best interests of the state and is necessary in order to recruit and retain or recruit or retain qualified personnel to increase the salary ranges of unclassified positions.

4 New Section; Office of Legislative Services; Drafting Salary Legislation. Amend RSA 17-A by inserting after section 6 the following new section:

17-A:7 Legislation Relating to Unclassified State Officers. Legislation establishing a new, upgraded, or downgraded state unclassified officer position shall be drafted by the office of legislative services without a recommended salary allocation, which shall be indicated in the legislation, if possible. Legislative changes to the salaries of unclassified officers listed in RSA 94:1-a, I shall be adopted in legislation reflecting the review and allocation approval by the joint committee on compensation of state officers pursuant to the procedure in RSA 94:1-d and RSA 94:10.

5 Repeal. RSA 14:30-a, IV, relative to review by the fiscal committee of allocation decisions, is repealed.

6 Effective Date. This act shall take effect 60 days after its passage.


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