SB101 (2005) Detail

(New Title) relative to developmentally disabled services for persons under 21 years of age.


03/24/05 0699s

04/07/05 0973s





AN ACT relative to developmentally disabled services for persons under 21 years of age.

SPONSORS: Sen. Estabrook, Dist 21

COMMITTEE: Health and Human Services


This bill permits a person between 18 and 21 with a developmental disability who received special education services to apply for residential services from an area agency.

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03/24/05 0699s

04/07/05 0973s




In the Year of Our Lord Two Thousand Five

AN ACT relative to developmentally disabled services for persons under 21 years of age.

Be it Enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Court convened:

1 New Paragraph Eligibility for Residential Services. Amend RSA 171-A:6 by inserting after paragraph V the following new paragraph:

VI. A person age 18 through age 21 who has received services pursuant to RSA 186-C, or the person’s legal guardian if any, at any time may make application under this section for residential services for which the person is not eligible pursuant to RSA 186-C. Eligibility and entry for such person shall be subject to the requirements of this chapter. Under no circumstance shall the department or area agency be responsible for special education services under RSA 186-C.

2 Effective Date. This act shall take effect July 1, 2005.



Amended 4/26/05


AN ACT relative to developmentally disabled services for persons under 21 years of age.


The Department of Health and Human Services states this bill, as amended by the Senate (Senate Amendment #2005-0973s), will have an indeterminable fiscal impact on state revenue and expenditures in FY 2006 and each year thereafter. There will be no fiscal impact on county and local revenue or expenditures.


The Department assumed this bill will increase the number of individuals on the developmental services wait list. RSA 171-A:-a requires the Department to include the cost of fully funding the developmental services wait list in its biennial budget recommendation to the governor’s office. As additional individuals and families apply for services, the number of individuals on the wait list and the Department’s future budget requests to provide the services would increase. The actual revenue and expenditures would depend on how much is appropriated by the Governor and the Legislature in future operating budgets.

The Bureau of Developmental Services typically provides residential services to individuals who are 21 years old or older. Prior to turning 21, individuals receive services through their local school district. The Developmental Services waitlist consists of two lists: A and B. Individuals on the A list will need services within the next 12 months and individuals on the B list will need services within the next 24 months. Individuals not expected to require services within 24 months are not included on the developmental services waitlist.

The Department made the following assumptions:

• The number of individuals on the waiting list would increase by 120 or approximately 60 eighteen year olds and 60 nineteen year olds. Forty percent of the individuals on the department’s wait lists require residential services.

• Each year an additional 25 18-year-olds would apply for residential services.

• The average annual cost of residential services is currently $69,262, with medical inflation assumed to be 4.6% in future years.

Based on these assumptions the Department estimated the increase in the waiting list as follows:

Additional Additional Average Cost Additional State

Individuals Individuals of Residential Waiting List Share 50%

Year Eligible Cumulative Services Request Medicaid

2006 50 50 $72,448 $ 3,622,400 $1,811,200

2007 25 75 $75,781 $ 5,683,575 $2,841,787

2008 25 100 $79,267 $ 7,926,700 $3,963,350

2009 25 125 $82,913 $10,364,124 $5,182,062


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