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2008 Special Session Rules of the House



The Rules of the 2008 Special Session shall be the Rules of the House for the 2007-2008 biennium with the following changes:

Rule #4 Replace “shall” with “may”

Rule #10 Add the following sentence:

Rules may be amended by majority vote.

Rule #25 Delete (a), (b), (c) and (d)

Delete Rules #28 – 34 as they are not necessary for a Special Session

Delete Rule # 35 and replace it with the following:

Approval of the House Rules Committee will be necessary for the introduction of any bill. Legislation may be drafted and introduced upon receiving a majority vote of the House Rules Committee on the request of any member based on urgent or compelling need or unforeseen events.

Rule #36 Delete last sentence of (a)

Replace the last sentence of (b) as follows:

Each bill shall be marked on the first page “ Special Session House Bill” and each house resolution shall be marked “Special Session House Resolution.”

Delete all after the third sentence of (d)

Delete (f)

Delete Rules #37 – 40 as they are not necessary for a Special Session

Rule #41 Delete the words “and referral to committee”

Rule #42 Rewrite to read as follows:

“After each bill has been numbered, the Clerk shall procure a sufficient number of copies for distribution.”

Delete Rules #43 and 44

Rule #45 Delete reference to a policy committee in (a). [last 10 words].

Rewrite (b) to read as follows:

“No amendment shall be added to any bill, resolution, joint resolution or concurrent resolution which is not germane to the subject matter of the document.”

Delete (c)

Delete Rules #46 – 51

Delete Rule #53 – 56

Delete Rule #58

Delete Rule #64

Delete Rules #100 – 111


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SSHR1 Revision: 12366 Date: Jan. 1, 2008, midnight