Bill Text - HB634 (2009)

Authorizing civil unions between one man and one woman.

Revision: Jan. 26, 2009, midnight






AN ACT authorizing civil unions between one man and one woman.

SPONSORS: Rep. Sapareto, Rock 5; Rep. Cushing, Rock 15

COMMITTEE: Judiciary


This bill authorizes civil unions between one man and one woman.

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In the Year of Our Lord Two Thousand Nine

AN ACT authorizing civil unions between one man and one woman.

Be it Enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Court convened:

1 State Recognition of Civil Unions. Amend RSA 457-A:1 to read as follows:

457-A:1 State Recognition of Civil Unions; Purpose. The state of New Hampshire recognizes the civil union between one man and another man or one woman and another woman or one man and one woman. The purpose of this chapter is to delineate the rights, obligations, and responsibilities of parties entering a civil union, to establish a process by which the civil union is established, and to provide a process for the dissolution of a civil union.

2 Requisites. Amend RSA 457-A:2 to read as follows:

457-A:2 Requisites. Parties entering into a civil union shall be subject to the same requirements and conditions as contained in RSA 457, provided that civil unions shall only be allowed between one unmarried man and another unmarried man both of whom are at least 18 years of age [or], one unmarried woman and another unmarried woman both of whom are at least 18 years of age, or one unmarried man and one unmarried woman both of whom are at least 18 years of age; subject to the prohibitions in RSA 457-A:3 and RSA 457-A:4 and provided that they are not in another civil union.

3 Civil Unions Prohibited; Men. Amend RSA 457-A:3 to read as follows:

457-A:3 Civil Unions Prohibited; Men. No man shall enter into a civil union with his father, his grandfather, his father’s brother, his mother’s brother, his son, his brother, his son’s son, his daughter’s son, his brother’s son, his sister’s son, his father’s brother’s son, his mother’s brother’s son, his father’s sister’s son, [or] his mother’s sister’s son, his mother, his grandmother, his father’s sister, his mother’s sister, his daughter, his sister, his son’s daughter, his daughter’s daughter, his brother’s daughter, his sister’s daughter, his father’s brother’s daughter, his mother’s brother’s daughter, his father’s sister’s daughter, or his mother’s sister’s daughter.

4 Civil Unions Prohibited; Women. Amend RSA 457-A:4 to read as follows:

457-A:4 Civil Unions Prohibited; Women. No woman shall enter into a civil union with her mother, her grandmother, her father’s sister, her mother’s sister, her daughter, her sister, her son’s daughter, her daughter’s daughter, her brother’s daughter, her sister’s daughter, her father’s brother’s daughter, her mother’s brother’s daughter, her father’s sister’s daughter, [or] her mother’s sister’s daughter her father, her grandfather, her father’s brother, her mother’s brother, her son, her brother, her son’s son, her daughter’s son, her brother’s son, her sister’s son, her father’s brother’s son, her mother’s brother’s son, her father’s sister’s son, or her mother’s sister’s son.

5 Other Jurisdictions. Amend RSA 457-A:8 to read as follows:

457-A:8 Other Jurisdictions. A civil union or a marriage between a man and another man [or], a woman and another woman, or a man and a woman legally contracted outside of New Hampshire shall be recognized as a civil union in this state, provided that the relationship does not violate the prohibitions of this chapter.

6 Effective Date. This act shall take effect January 1, 2010.