Bill Text - HB1555 (2010)

Adding an exemption from immunization for conscientious beliefs.

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AN ACT adding an exemption from immunization for conscientious beliefs.

SPONSORS: Rep. McConkey, Carr 3; Rep. Wiley, Carr 3; Rep. J. Roberts, Carr 3; Rep. S. Smith, Graf 7; Rep. B. Richardson, Ches 5

COMMITTEE: Health, Human Services and Elderly Affairs


This bill adds an exemption from immunization because of conscientious beliefs.

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In the Year of Our Lord Two Thousand Ten

AN ACT adding an exemption from immunization for conscientious beliefs.

Be it Enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Court convened:

1 Immunizations; Exemption Added. Amend RSA 141-C:20-c and 141-C:20-d to read as follows:

141-C:20-c Exemptions. A [child] student shall be exempt from immunization if:

I. A physician licensed under RSA 329, or a physician exempted under RSA 329:21, III, certifies that immunization against a particular disease may be detrimental to the [child’s] student’s health. The exemption shall exist only for the length of time, in the opinion of the physician, such immunization would be detrimental to the [child] student. An exemption from immunization for one disease shall not affect other required immunizations.

II. A student or parent or legal guardian objects to immunization because of religious beliefs. The student or a parent or legal guardian shall sign a notarized form stating that the child has not been immunized because of religious beliefs.

III. A student, or a parent or legal guardian objects to immunization, or some immunizations, or the official age schedule for immunizations, because of conscientious beliefs. The student, or parent or legal guardian, shall sign a form that will be witnessed by a health official or notary public, stating that the student has not been immunized or had been partially immunized as specified on the form, because of conscientious beliefs.

141-C:20-d Exclusion During Outbreak of Disease. During an outbreak of a communicable disease for which immunization is required under RSA 141-C:20-a, [children] students exempted under RSA 141-C:20-c shall not attend the school or child care agency threatened by the communicable disease. The commissioner shall prepare a written order as required under RSA 141-C:12, I.

2 Effective Date. This act shall take effect January 1, 2011.