Bill Text - PET14 (2011)

Petition on behalf of Jeanette Dionne.

Revision: Sept. 26, 2011, midnight





TO: The Honorable House of Representatives

FROM: Petitioner Representative Daniel C. Itse, Rockingham 9

DATE: August 16, 2011

SUBJECT: Grievance of Jeanette Dionne

Your Petitioner Representative Itse on behalf of Jeanette Dionne hereinafter presents the following summary of her grievance and invokes the constitutional authority and duty of the Honorable House of Representatives pursuant to Articles 31 and 32 to bring about redress:

Grievance involving the Brentwood Family Court for allowing a motion for pre-contempt which does not exist.

Grievance involving Marital Master Pam Kelly for holding a hearing without the statutory notice.

Grievance involving Brentwood Family Court Clerk for failing to provide statutory notice of a hearing.

Grievance involving Guardian ad Litem, Attorney Lynn Abbey for not disclosing and intentionally misrepresenting her relationship to the father of Jeanette Dionne’s children multiple occasions of perjury in Case 2005-M-0532.

Grievance involving Judge Maher for allowing perjury.

Grievance involving Master Luneau for allowing perjury.

Grievance involving the Judicial Conduct Committee "We do not oversee Judges that do not follow the laws."

Grievance involving the Professional Conduct Committee for failing to hold Guardian ad Litem Attorney Lynn Abbey accountable for multiple ethics violations.

Wherefore, your Petitioner prays that the House of Representatives consider this proposed remedy:

1. Amend the laws of the State so that individuals can be held criminally liable for not recusing themselves from matters before the court when there are conflicts of interest that may materially affect the outcome.

2. Amend the laws of the State so that permitting perjury in judicial proceedings is official oppression.

Respectfully submitted by Petitioner Representative Itse on Behalf of Jeanette Dionne.