PET4 (2011) Detail

A petition for redress of grievance on behalf of Vincent Milano.





TO: The Honorable House of Representatives

FROM: Petitioner Representative Daniel Itse, Rock. 9

DATE: April 6, 2011

SUBJECT: Grievance of Vincent Milano

Your Petitioner, Representative Itse on behalf of Vincent Milano, hereinafter presents the following summary of his grievance against the Epping School District and invokes the constitutional authority and duty of the Honorable House of Representatives pursuant to Articles 31 and 32 of the New Hampshire Constitution to bring about redress:

Jonathan Altberg, a teacher employed by the Epping School District, made personal threats, including death threats toward Kurt Milano, a senior student at the Epping High School (as well as unfounded accusations against his father, Vincent Milano). Barbara Munsey and other Epping School District officials knew and agreed that such behavior was inappropriate, yet took no action against the teacher, but rather promoted him shortly thereafter to dean of students. The Epping Police failed to investigate the complaint of criminal threatening reported to them by the Milanos.

Wherefore, your Petitioner prays that the House of Representatives consider this proposed remedy:

The Milanos will be made whole if they receive a public apology from the Epping School District for the treatment of Kurt Milano and the false allegations against Vincent Milano at the next School District Meeting. The laws of the state should be amended to provide that teachers and school administrators who threaten the persons or property of students or their families are subject to an established disciplinary process.

Respectfully submitted by Petitioner Representative Itse on Behalf of Vincent Milano.