Bill Text - HB1130 (2012)

Relative to weighted voting by the Winnipesaukee River advisory board.

Revision: Sept. 28, 2012, midnight






AN ACT relative to weighted voting by the Winnipesaukee River advisory board.

SPONSORS: Rep. Tilton, Belk 4; Rep. Millham, Belk 5; Rep. Tobin, Belk 2; Rep. Palfrey, Merr 2

COMMITTEE: Public Works and Highways


This bill weights the voting on the Winnipesaukee River advisory board by the population of the community the board serves.

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In the Year of Our Lord Two Thousand Twelve

AN ACT relative to weighted voting by the Winnipesaukee River advisory board.

Be it Enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Court convened:

1 Winnipesaukee River Advisory Board; Voting. Amend RSA 485-A:52 to read as follows:

485-A:52 Advisory Board Established.

I. There is established a Winnipesaukee River advisory board consisting of one member, from each community, appointed by the board of selectmen of a town or the city council of a city involved. The term of office of each member shall be one year commencing July 1, 1972, and each member shall serve until his or her successor shall have been appointed. The advisory board shall annually elect a chairman by majority vote of its members, and the board shall meet at least quarterly upon the call of the chairman or at least 3 members of the board in order to consider matters properly coming before it for attention. The advisory board shall meet with the department at suitable intervals to review matters of mutual concern. An annual budget shall be submitted to the advisory board by the department, for review and comment, 60 days prior to the beginning of the new fiscal year. Members of the advisory board shall receive no per diem but shall be entitled to reimbursement for expenses including mileage when in the performance of duties required under this subdivision. Each municipality shall provide funds necessary to reimburse its members to the advisory board.

II.(a) On each matter voted on by the board, each municipality, through its appointed board member, shall be entitled to cast one vote for every 500 persons residing within such municipality.

(b) Unless otherwise agreed by a 2/3 vote of the total votes by the board, the determination of the number of persons residing in each municipality shall be based on the most recent estimate of population prepared by the office of energy and planning pursuant to RSA 4-C:3 and RSA 78-A:25.

2 Effective Date. This act shall take effect upon its passage.