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Congratulating Brad Sterl and Rustic Crust Pizza


Congratulating Brad Sterl and Rustic Crust Pizza

WHEREAS, Brad Sterl believes in the power of Pizza; and

WHEREAS, as the CEO of Rustic Crust Pizza, Brad Sterl has driven his wood fired pizza oven truck to many places to help feed victims of natural disasters – including 1000 pizzas delivered to Rockaway Beach, NY, to feed those still without power from “Superstorm Sandy” and

WHEREAS, the Rustic Crust team drove to the “Lt. Dan Weekend” in Charleston, South Carolina, to serve disabled veterans, their families, caregivers and supporters, stopping on the way home at Walter Reed Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, to throw a pizza party for military patients and their families; and

WHEREAS, the many acts of kindness exhibited by Brad and his company, one of Pittsfield’s largest employers, have had a positive and meaningful effect on the lives of those who have been recipients of that generosity; and

WHEREAS, on March 6th of this year, a devastating fire totally destroyed the building housing the production plant, where Rustic Crust has operated since its founding in 1996, resulting in an outpouring of offers of help from the community and many local tradesmen and a promise from Brad Sterl to keep his employees paid during the time it would take to reopen in another location; and

WHEREAS, Brad Sterl kept that promise and one month after the fire, Rustic Crust began production in a 10,000 square foot temporary facility in Pittsfield, hoping to return to its original location sometime in the future, now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, by the House of Representatives in regular session convened, that Rustic Crust Pizza exemplifies the highest standard in good business practices and, be it further

RESOLVED, that the House of Representatives congratulates Brad Sterl upon reopening his business in a timely manner and wishes him every success in rebuilding and maintaining his company’s status as the Number One brand of naturally prepared, ready-made pizza crusts in the United States.

Offered by the House of Representatives


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