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Relative to a prisoner's participation in the work release program.










AN ACT relative to a prisoner's participation in the work release program.


SPONSORS: Rep. P. Schmidt, Straf. 19; Rep. Ulery, Hills. 37; Rep. Patten, Merr. 17; Rep. Bartlett, Merr. 19


COMMITTEE: Criminal Justice and Public Safety






This bill changes the provisions relating to a prisoner's release from state prison for certain purposes.


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In the Year of Our Lord Two Thousand Seventeen


AN ACT relative to a prisoner's participation in the work release program.


Be it Enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Court convened:


1  Sentences; Release From State Prison.  Amend RSA 651:25, I to read as follows:

I.  The commissioner of corrections may release any person who has been committed to the state prison at any time during the term of sentence for the purpose of obtaining and working at gainful employment, for the performance of uncompensated public service as provided in RSA 651:68-70, for the pursuit of higher education, or for such other purpose as may be deemed conducive to his or her rehabilitation, for such times or intervals of time and under such terms and conditions as may be prescribed by the commissioner pursuant to RSA 541-A, provided, however, that a prisoner who has not served sufficient time to be eligible for parole may be released under this section only if [the sentencing court and the prosecutor of the underlying offense have been notified of the proposed release, and there has been no objection within 10 days of the notice by either the sentencing court or the prosecutor of the underlying offense.  If the prosecutor of the underlying offense objects to the proposed release, the prosecutor shall submit in writing to the sentencing court the reasons for objecting.  The sentencing court shall, within 10 days of receipt of the prosecutor's objection, schedule a hearing on the proposed release.  The sentencing court shall then approve or deny the proposed release] the prisoner is serving the final year of his minimum aggregate sentence.  The commissioner of corrections may permit inmates of the state prison, who volunteer to do so, to be gainfully employed outside the institution when such employment is considered in their best interest and the best interest of the state.  Inmates may be so employed by the state or by public or private employers.  A judge may deny a prisoner the chance to participate in a work release program if doing so is in the interest of public safety.

2  Effective Date.  This act shall take effect 60 days after its passage.


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Action Dates

Date Body Type
Jan. 11, 2017 House Hearing
Jan. 17, 2017 House Exec Session
Jan. 26, 2017 House Floor Vote

Bill Text Revisions

HB282 Revision: 752 Date: Jan. 30, 2017, 10:50 a.m.


Jan. 26, 2017: Inexpedient to Legislate: MA VV 01/26/2017 HJ 4 P. 3

Jan. 26, 2017: Committee Report: Inexpedient to Legislate for 01/26/2017 (Vote 18-2; CC) HC 8 P. 3

Jan. 17, 2017: Executive Session: 01/17/2017 01:00 PM LOB 204

Jan. 11, 2017: Public Hearing: 01/11/2017 02:30 PM LOB 204

Jan. 4, 2017: Introduced 01/04/2017 and referred to Criminal Justice and Public Safety HJ 2 P. 22