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Memorializing State Representative Steve Vaillancourt of Manchester.




Memorializing State Representative Steve Vaillancourt of Manchester


WHEREAS, we have learned with profound sorrow of the death of our friend and colleague Steve Vaillancourt, who was serving his tenth term as a State Representative representing the citizens of Hillsborough County District 15, Manchester’s Ward 8; and


WHEREAS, a self-professed lover of history and politics, Steve Vaillancourt lived a time in post-communist Berlin, studying the culture and history of Germany and becoming a lifelong student of geopolitics and comparative government, often taking trips to Canada and discussing international politics of the day on his television show or through his blog; and 


WHEREAS, Steve was a lifelong sports fan, and broadcasted a myriad of college and high school sports both as a student and after at Plymouth State University, which led to his induction in to the Plymouth State University Athletic Hall of Fame; and 


WHEREAS, a staunch lover of New Hampshire’s history and primary, he was often seen engaging Secretary of State Gardner in his office for hours on end or as a ballot counter after every election for many years; and


WHEREAS, Steve Vaillancourt served in this chamber for nearly twenty years in all three major political parties and was an unapologetic believer in the first amendment, using his gift of speech on the floor of the House time and time again, sometimes changing the hearts and minds of his colleagues through colorful or passionate oratory; now, therefore, be it 


RESOLVED, by the House of Representatives in Regular Session convened, John Steven Vaillancourt be granted the highest praise and accolades and given our profound thanks for his service to his country, the state, and the city he called home, and that expressions of our most heartfelt sympathy be extended to all of his friends and loved ones.


Offered by the House of Representatives.


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HR10 Revision: 2 Date: April 5, 2017, 9:32 a.m.


April 5, 2017: Introduced and Adopted 04/05/2017 HJ 12 P. 1