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Memorializing Harold L. “Chip” Rice.




Memorializing State Representative Harold L. “Chip” Rice of Concord



WHEREAS, we have learned with profound sorrow of the death of our friend and colleague Harold L. “Chip” Rice, who was serving his seventh term as a State Representative representing the citizens of Merrimack County District 27, the city of Concord; and


WHEREAS, beyond his service to the House of Representatives, Chip Rice exemplified the notion of service, serving as a member of the United States Navy from 1963 to 1967, serving as a delegate to the 1974 Constitutional Convention, serving as a member of the New Hampshire Senate, and as a member of the well-known service organization, Rotary International; and 


WHEREAS, a member of the Labor, Industrial and Rehabilitative Services Committee since he returned to the House after a 30 year break, Chip’s past and current Chairmen recounted his gentlemanly nature in committee, his friendship with members, irrespective of party, and his willingness to share candy; and


WHEREAS, a man about town, Chip Rice was known as one of the quintessential, unofficial mayors of Concord, often stopping people on the street or in the bank teller line for conversations and a good story; and


WHEREAS, beyond his civic engagement, Chip Rice made a career of standing up for those who had no voice, sometimes literally as he’d advocate for refugees who couldn’t speak the language, he worked for our most vulnerable citizens with disabilities and as the director of Rockingham Community Action Program; now, therefore, be it 


RESOLVED, by the House of Representatives in Regular Session convened, Harold “Chip” Rice be granted the highest praise and accolades and our profound thanks for his service to his country, the state, and the town he called home for many years, and, be it further


RESOLVED, that expressions of our most heartfelt sympathy be extended to his family and that a suitable copy of this Resolution be prepared for presentation to them.



Offered by the House of Representatives.


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