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Memorializing Robert Renny Cushing.


Memorializing Robert Renny Cushing of Hampton


WHEREAS, we have learned with great sorrow of the passing of our colleague and friend, Robert Renny Cushing, who was serving his eighth term as a State Representative, representing the citizens of Rockingham District 21, the town of Hampton; and

WHEREAS, Renny Cushing was an advocate and activist who began a campaign for change at the age of fifteen in this very chamber, he knew that time and persistence would ultimately bring change; and

WHEREAS, a citizen of the world, Renny Cushing hauled trash in Atlanta, mined in Canada, picked fruit in Florida and California, and protested for causes he believed in, eventually serving as Chair of the Criminal Justice Committee where he led compassionately and with justice in mind; and

WHEREAS, a trusted leader in this institution, Renny Cushing sought to celebrate this State House with its bicentennial, work to include portraits of deserving women on the walls, and leave it in a better place than he found it; and

WHEREAS, serving as the leader of the largest minority caucus in state history, Renny Cushing spoke beyond just his caucus, but to the whole House; and  

WHEREAS, above all, Renny Cushing was a devoted family man, who cherished his time with his wife Kristie, and loving daughters Marie, Elizabeth, and Grace, and was surrounded by them and their love through his illness; now, therefore, be it

RESOLVED, by the House of Representatives in Regular Session convened, Robert Renny Cushing be granted the highest praise and accolades and our profound thanks for his service to the state, and the town he called home all his life, and, be it further

RESOLVED, that expressions of our most heartfelt sympathy be extended to his family and that a suitable copy of this Resolution be prepared for presentation to them.


Offered by the House of Representatives.



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