Amendment 2023-1986s to HB251 (2023)

Relative to the cost of compliance with disclosure of electric renewable portfolio standards.

Revision: May 25, 2023, 9:36 a.m.

Energy and Natural Resources

May 23, 2023





Amendment to HB 251


Amend the bill by replacing section 1 with the following:


1  Public Utilities Commission; Disclosure of Cost of Compliance.  Amend RSA 378:49, II(c) to read as follows:

(c)  Provide such information to electric customers at least annually in conjunction with billing, whether distributed through the mail or online, or other mailed or online communication to customers, as approved by the [commission] department, including the[ commission's] department's estimated cost on a per kilowatt-hour basis and estimated annual cost for the average residential ratepayer for compliance with the electric renewable portfolio standard under RSA 362-F for the prior compliance year.  The estimated cost for the compliance year shall be calculated once per year and provided in the customer's December bill, whether distributed through the mail or online.  Each customer's bill shall identify the cost as an estimate and provide a link to information about the electric renewable portfolio standard, including its benefits, at the [public utilities commission's] department's website.  Utilities shall also be required to include an annual estimated cost to be calculated by multiplying the average per kilowatt hour cost of the electric renewable portfolio standard under RSA 362-F for the prior compliance year by the average residential monthly consumption of 625 kilowatt hours.  The costs for a utility to provide this information shall be recovered from electric customers through the distribution rates of the respective electric distribution utility.




This bill requires the department of energy to provide an estimated annual cost of compliance with electric renewable portfolio standards in customer's electric bills.