Amendment 2024-0573h to HB1683 (2024)

Relative to coverage of circumcision under the state Medicaid plan.

Revision: March 12, 2024, 2:09 p.m.

Rep. Phillips, Rock. 7

Rep. Layon, Rock. 13

Rep. Santonastaso, Ches. 18

Rep. Osborne, Rock. 2

Rep. Yokela, Rock. 32

Rep. Cushman, Hills. 28

Rep. Soti, Rock. 35

Rep. Potenza, Straf. 19

Rep. Read, Rock. 10

Rep. Wheeler, Hills. 33

February 7, 2024





Amendment to HB 1683-FN


Amend RSA 167:3-n, IV as inserted by section 2 of the bill by inserting after subparagraph (j) the following new subparagraph:


(k)  Or any diagnosed condition for which a circumcision is deemed medically necessary by a physician or other health care provider licensed in New Hampshire.


Amend RSA 167:3-n as inserted by section 2 of the bill by deleting paragraph V.