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Memorializing Sharon Nordgren of Hanover


House Resolution No. 33
Memorializing Sharon L. Nordgren of Hanover


WHEREAS, we have learned with profound sorrow of the death of our friend and colleague Sharon L. Nordgren, who was serving her eighteenth term as a State Representative representing the citizens of Grafton County District 12, the towns of Hanover and Lyme; and


WHEREAS, Sharon Nordgren served in House leadership numerous times, including six years as the Deputy Democratic Leader, and beyond her service to the House of Representatives, Sharon Nordgren served her beloved town of Hanover on the select board for nine years, six as its chair; and 


WHEREAS, Sharon Nordgren served on the Finance Committee and its precursor Appropriations 13 times, including as a division chair and vice chair of the committee and was widely regarded as an expert on health and human services in the committee; and


WHEREAS, a lover of travel, Sharon Nordgren relished being out and about, learning new things about where she was visiting and the people she was meeting, and recently visited England with her whole family, visiting Stonehenge and speaking glowingly of the locale and the company; and


WHEREAS, above all, Sharon Nordgren was a devoted wife, mother, and grandmother, and among her greatest joys was being an equestrian’s mom; now, therefore, be it 


RESOLVED, by the House of Representatives in Regular Session convened, Sharon L. Nordgren be granted the highest praise and accolades and our profound thanks for her service to her state, and the town she adopted as home for many years, and, be it further


RESOLVED, that expressions of our most heartfelt sympathy be extended to her family and that a suitable copy of this Resolution be prepared for presentation to them.



Offered by the House of Representatives.





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HR33 Revision: 40904 Date: Feb. 15, 2024, 11:55 a.m.


Feb. 15, 2024: Introduced and Adopted VV 02/15/2024 HJ 5 P. 2