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Bill Subject Committee Status Action Score
SB523 (New Title) relative to the regulation of public school materials. Education - General Senate - Education SENATE: PASSED/ADOPTED WITH AMENDMENT
SB447 (New Title) establishing a committee to study the inclusion of transportation expenses in default budgets. Education - General House - Municipal and County Government HOUSE: PASSED/ADOPTED WITH AMENDMENT
SB381 Prohibiting a municipality from designating a road as a private road under certain conditions. Transportation and Highways Senate - Election Law and Municipal Affairs SENATE: INEXPEDIENT TO LEGISLATE
SB491 (New Title) relative to authorizing legislative bodies of municipalities to enter into voluntary agreements with owners of private roads. Municipalities House - Municipal and County Government HOUSE: INEXPEDIENT TO LEGISLATE
SB590 Making an appropriation to address damage done to the seacoast during January storms. Environment - Administration Senate - Finance SENATE: LAID ON TABLE
SB589 Relative to wastewater surcharges. Environment - Administration House - Resources, Recreation and Development HOUSE: PASSED/ADOPTED
SB601 Restricting electronic mail solicitation. Business and Industry Senate - Judiciary SENATE: INTERIM STUDY
SB597 Relative to lucky 7 ticket dispenser devices. Gambling House - Ways and Means HOUSE: PASSED/ADOPTED
SB605 Relative to ethical standards for members of the general court. Legislature House - Legislative Administration HOUSE: PASSED/ADOPTED WITH AMENDMENT
SB594 Defining state approved processing facility and regulating on farm slaughter of amenable animals. Agriculture Senate - Energy and Natural Resources SENATE: INTERIM STUDY
SB595 Relative to the rates for pole attachments. Energy and Utilities House - Science, Technology and Energy HOUSE: PASSED/ADOPTED WITH AMENDMENT
HB311 Making an appropriation to the department of environmental services for eligible wastewater projects. Environment - Administration House - Finance HOUSE: INEXPEDIENT TO LEGISLATE
SB604 (New Title) providing a death benefit for a New Hampshire hospital security officer killed in the line of duty and establishing a death benefit for state security officers killed in the line of duty. Employment House - Finance HOUSE: PASSED/ADOPTED WITH AMENDMENT
HB383 Relative to provider contract standards for pharmacy benefit managers. Occupational Regulation House - Commerce and Consumer Affairs HOUSE: INEXPEDIENT TO LEGISLATE
HB332 Relative to school building aid for eligible projects. Education - General House - Finance HOUSE: INEXPEDIENT TO LEGISLATE
HB436 (NEW TITLE) making an appropriation to the New Hampshire retirement system to pay down the unfunded accrued liability. Retirement Senate - Finance SENATE: INTERIM STUDY
HB458 (New Title) reestablishing the commission to study the assessing of power generation. Energy and Utilities Senate - Energy and Natural Resources SENATE: PASSED/ADOPTED WITH AMENDMENT
HB449 Relative to the calculation of group II retirement benefits in the retirement system. Retirement House - Executive Departments and Administration HOUSE: INEXPEDIENT TO LEGISLATE
HB1712 Renewing the committee to study non-pharmacological treatment options for patients with chronic pain. Public and Mental Health Senate - Health and Human Services SENATE: PASSED/ADOPTED WITH AMENDMENT
SB537 Allowing the processing of absentee ballots. Elections House - Election Law HOUSE: INDEFINITELY POSTPONED
HR34 Memorilizing Arthur S. Ellison of Concord PASSED
HB317 Establishing a commission to study transitioning to a 2-tier waiver system for individuals eligible for disability services. Public and Mental Health House - Health, Human Services and Elderly Affairs HOUSE: INEXPEDIENT TO LEGISLATE
HR33 Memorializing Sharon Nordgren of Hanover PASSED
HB1622 Relative to administrative rulemaking and license renewals by the office of professional licensure and certification. State Government Senate - Executive Departments and Administration SENATE: PASSED/ADOPTED WITH AMENDMENT
HB354 Relative to chartered public school eligibility for state school building aid. Education - General Senate - Education PASSED