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Bill Subject Committee Status Action Score
SB174 Relative to veterans access to health care. Military & Veterans' Affairs House - Health, Human Services and Elderly Affairs SIGNED BY GOVERNOR
SB57 Relative to the reduction in the calculation of state retirement annuities at age 65. Retirement Senate - Finance SENATE: LAID ON TABLE
SB202 Relative to establishing a homeownership innovations fund in the New Hampshire housing finance authority. Business and Industry Senate - Finance SENATE: LAID ON TABLE
SB203 (New Title) relative to the board of manufactured housing. Occupational Regulation Senate - Executive Departments and Administration SENATE: NONCONCURRED
SB211 Relative to background investigations of solid waste and hazardous waste facility permit applicants. Environment - Administration House - Environment and Agriculture SIGNED BY GOVERNOR
SB222 Relative to the definition of broadband infrastructure as a revenue-producing facility eligible for municipal revenue bonds. Municipalities House - Municipal and County Government SIGNED BY GOVERNOR
HB536 (New Title) relative to the chartered public school joint legislative oversight committee, and relative to chartered public school use of unused district facilities. Education - General Senate - Education SIGNED BY GOVERNOR
SB256 Establishing a safety program for off-highway recreational vehicles. Fish & Game House - Transportation VETOED BY GOVERNOR
HB241 Relative to the opportunity of school district employees representing the collective bargaining unit to meet with the public employer as part of collective bargaining negotiations. Employment House - Labor, Industrial and Rehabilitative Services HOUSE: INEXPEDIENT TO LEGISLATE
SB69 Relative to allowing certain nonprofits to participate as a customer-generator group hosts under net energy metering. Energy and Utilities House - Science, Technology and Energy HOUSE: DIED ON THE TABLE
HB543 Relative to discrimination against veterans and price discrimination among other protected classes. Discrimination House - Judiciary HOUSE: INEXPEDIENT TO LEGISLATE
HB285 (New Title) authorizing the department of revenue administration to incorporate the New Hampshire equalization manual into the administrative rules and relative to the development of forms or returns by the department. Taxes - State Senate - Ways and Means SIGNED BY GOVERNOR
HB523 Relative to net energy metering limits for individual and business customers. Energy and Utilities House - Science, Technology and Energy HOUSE: INEXPEDIENT TO LEGISLATE
HR4 The Speaker employing personnel per RSA 17-E:5.
HB392 Relative to constitutional convention procedures for delegates. State Government Senate - Election Law and Municipal Affairs SENATE: LAID ON TABLE
HB418 Relative to eliminating the rebates distributed by the energy efficiency fund. Energy and Utilities House - Science, Technology and Energy HOUSE: DIED ON THE TABLE
SR8 RESOLVED, that the Senate is ready to meet with the House of Representatives in Joint Convention for the purpose of hearing the Budget Address by his Excellency, Governor Chris Sununu. PASSED
SB126 Relative to licensure requirements for telehealth services and relative to licensure of physicians and physicians assistants treating patients incarcerated with the department of corrections. Public and Mental Health House - Executive Departments and Administration SIGNED BY GOVERNOR
SB68 Relative to municipal host for purposes of limited electrical energy producers. Energy and Utilities House - Science, Technology and Energy HOUSE: INEXPEDIENT TO LEGISLATE
SB237 Relative to the child care scholarship program and making an appropriation therefor. Children Senate - Finance SENATE: LAID ON TABLE
HR17 Affirming revenue estimates for fiscal years 2023, 2024, and 2025. Agency Appropriations MISCELLANEOUS
HB506 Relative to the construction of a rail trail box tunnel on Exit 4-A in Derry and making an appropriation therefor. Transportation and Highways House - Finance HOUSE: INEXPEDIENT TO LEGISLATE
SB260 Relative to deductions under the business profits tax for compensation of members and owners. Taxes - State House - Ways and Means HOUSE: INEXPEDIENT TO LEGISLATE
SB66 Relative to financial transactions involving the liquidation or rehabilitation of an insurer in which the Federal Home Loan Bank is a party. Insurance House - Commerce and Consumer Affairs SIGNED BY GOVERNOR
SB125 Relative to annual grants to regional development corporations. State Government Senate - Finance SENATE: LAID ON TABLE