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Bill Subject Committee Status Action Score
HB1639 (New Title) relative to children with disabilities placed at state facilities for detained or adjudicated youth. Education - General PASSED
HR33 Memorializing Sharon Nordgren of Hanover PASSED
HB1295 Relative to penalties for criminal violations of the therapeutic use of cannabis. Crimes, Crim.Proc. & Corr. PASSED
HB1511 Relative to liability for children with disabilities in certain court ordered placements or episodes of treatment. Education - General PASSED
HB1111 Relative to the penalty for false reports of suspected abuse and neglect made to the division for children, youth, and families. Children PASSED
HCR10 Urging Congress to increase federal funding for special education services to reduce property taxes in New Hampshire. Education - General PASSED
HB1595 Relative to adjustment of the child support guidelines based on parenting time, medical support, and child care expenses. Domestic Relations PASSED
HB1143 Including control of cyanobacteria blooms under the New Hampshire clean lakes program. Environment - Administration PASSED
HR24 Reaffirming support for the child labor amendment to the United States Constitution. Children PASSED
HB618 Relative to wage garnishment with child support payments. Children PASSED
HB1114 (New Title) extending the commission to investigate and analyze the environmental and public health impacts relating to releases of perfluorinated chemicals in the air, soil, and groundwater in Merrimack, Bedford, Londonderry, Hudson and Litchfield. Environment - Administration PASSED
HB1140 Relative to requirements for homeowner installations of septic systems. Environment - Conservation PASSED
HB1249 Relative to the towing of inflatables by motorboats. Waters and Navigation PASSED
HR28 Urging for the compensation for injuries from PFAS and for the closure and cleaning of sites affected by PFAS. Environment - Conservation PASSED
HR32 "Memorializing Hoy R. Menear" PASSED
CACR21 Relating to the oath of civil officers. Providing that the default oath of office shall be a non-religious oath. CACR MISCELLANEOUS
HB1191 Relative to the establishment of an exemption to the meals and rooms tax for participants in the restaurant voucher program. Taxes - State PASSED
HB1631 (New Title) establishing the commission to study revenue alternatives to the road toll, road toll registration charges, and revenue alternatives to vehicle registration fees to fund highway and bridge improvements. Transportation and Highways PASSED
HB1697 (New Title) relative to forest carbon credit programs. Agriculture PASSED
HB1341 Relative to the liability of grandparents to provide assistance. Welfare/Medicare/Medicaid PASSED
HB1533 Relative to the safe harbor compensation amount under the business profits tax. Taxes - State Senate - Ways and Means SENATE: IN COMMITTEE
SB434 Establishing the extended stay housing program and exempting participating businesses from the tax on meals and rooms. Taxes - State Senate - Ways and Means SENATE: CONSENT CALENDAR REPORT FILED 03/07/2024 (S) Floor Vote
SB597 Relative to lucky 7 ticket dispenser devices. Gambling Senate - Ways and Means SENATE: CONSENT CALENDAR REPORT FILED 03/07/2024 (S) Floor Vote
SB435 Relative to the New Hampshire unitrust statute. Banking and Finance Senate - Ways and Means SENATE: PASSED/ADOPTED WITH AMENDMENT
SB324 Relative to lottery license renewal notices. Gambling Senate - Ways and Means SENATE: PASSED/ADOPTED WITH AMENDMENT