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Bill Subject Committee Status Action Score
HB1605 Relative to alternative education programs for granting credit leading to graduation. Education - General House - Education HOUSE: INEXPEDIENT TO LEGISLATE
SB478 Relative to child day care, residential care, and child-placing agency licensing. Children House - Special Committee on Childcare HOUSE: REPORT FILED
HB546 Relative to the school building aid program. Education - General Senate - Education SENATE: IN COMMITTEE
SB584 Relative to application of the utility property tax to certain renewable electric generating facilities, and relative to communications services tax revenues. Energy and Utilities Senate - Finance SENATE: INTERIM STUDY
SB435 Relative to the New Hampshire unitrust statute. Banking and Finance House - Judiciary HOUSE: REPORT FILED
SB472 (New Title) relative to historic horse racing licensing, establishing operations of games of chance for the benefit of the host community, and relative to charitable gaming dates for municipalities and charitable organizations. Gambling House - Ways and Means HOUSE: IN COMMITTEE
SB426 (New Title) relative to the transportation of marijuana in a motor vehicle or OHRV. Motor Vehicles House - Criminal Justice and Public Safety HOUSE: IN COMMITTEE
SB384 Relative to a municipal loan and grant program for rental housing and making an appropriation therefor. Property - Real and Personal Senate - Election Law and Municipal Affairs SENATE: INTERIM STUDY
HB1660 Relative to coverage of certain procedures for minor children under the state’s Medicaid program. Welfare/Medicare/Medicaid Senate - Health and Human Services SENATE: IN COMMITTEE
HB1405 Relative to limiting publication of child care center violations. Children House - Special Committee on Childcare HOUSE: INEXPEDIENT TO LEGISLATE
HB1228 Relative to establishing a fish and game guides committee to determine qualifications for licensure of fish and game guides. Fish & Game House - Fish and Game and Marine Resources HOUSE: INEXPEDIENT TO LEGISLATE
HB1514 Relative to excess funds paid to municipalities for the use of school districts. Education - General House - Ways and Means HOUSE: INTERIM STUDY
SB420 Relative to requiring an additional report from the legislative study committee concerning the long-term impact of the New Hampshire adult parole system. Crimes, Crim.Proc. & Corr. House - Criminal Justice and Public Safety HOUSE: REPORT FILED
SB594 Defining state approved processing facility and regulating on farm slaughter of amenable animals. Agriculture Senate - Energy and Natural Resources SENATE: INTERIM STUDY
SB416 Relative to the penalties for certain driving offenses while released on bail for certain offenses. Crimes, Crim.Proc. & Corr. Senate - Judiciary SENATE: INTERIM STUDY
HB1561 Relative to qualifications for student eligibility in the education freedom accounts program. Education - General House - Education HOUSE: INEXPEDIENT TO LEGISLATE
SB437 Relative to local authority to amend the state building code. State Government House - Executive Departments and Administration HOUSE: IN COMMITTEE
HB1659 Relative to interference with child custody and shared parenting. Domestic Relations Senate - Judiciary SENATE: IN COMMITTEE
HB580 Establishing a children's vision screening initiative within the state Medicaid program. Welfare/Medicare/Medicaid House - Health, Human Services and Elderly Affairs HOUSE: INTERIM STUDY
SB466 Relative to allowing the department of transportation to erect sound barriers upon request of municipalities. Transportation and Highways Senate - Transportation SENATE: INTERIM STUDY
HB1243 Revising the laws relative to retail installment sales of motor vehicles. Banking and Finance Senate - Commerce SENATE: IN COMMITTEE
SB381 Prohibiting a municipality from designating a road as a private road under certain conditions. Transportation and Highways Senate - Election Law and Municipal Affairs SENATE: INEXPEDIENT TO LEGISLATE
HB1571 Relative to requiring insurance coverage for glucose monitoring devices for people with diabetes. Insurance House - Commerce and Consumer Affairs HOUSE: INTERIM STUDY
HB1678 Establishing a New Hampshire farm to school local food incentive pilot program. Agriculture Senate - Finance SENATE: IN COMMITTEE
HB1478 Prohibiting a person from membership on the school board and select board concurrently. Municipalities House - Municipal and County Government HOUSE: INEXPEDIENT TO LEGISLATE